Jay's BOOMBOX Strategy
Learn from the Options Mix Master himself how to research, react quickly and trade high probability setups!

Step 1: Buy Jay's Course
Step 2: Press Play
Step 3: BOOM!
BOOMBOX Course Details
  • BOOMBOX Technical Analysis
  • ​Planning Your Next Trade
  • ​Predicting Price Movements
  • ​Determining Risk & Reward
  • ​Perfecting Entries & Exits So You Can Quickly And Easily Rock Your BOOMBOX!
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Matt's interview with NinJay!
What BOOMBOX members say...
Yo, What's Your BOOMBOX Strategy?
My Strategy Helps You Turn Up The Volume On Your Trading
The BOOMBOX Strategy is ideal for scalping and day trading. I've learned exactly what to look for before a stock moves in a certain direction, and how to profit quickly from the action.

It's All About Finding Your Entry Then Pressing PLAY
Instead of guessing where a stock is about to go, why not use a specific criteria from past trends and movements? If you listen closely, the ticker symbols will play a familiar beat – are you tuned in?

This Strategy ROCKS Because It Is Based On Small Wins
With my BOOMBOX Strategy, you're not looking to make your year on one trade. It's about consistency, and learning to turn up the volume incrementally – a little bit at a time – so you can go BOOM not Bust!
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Frequently Asked Questions
QUESTION: What is the BOOMBOX Strategy?!

It is primarily a Scalp / Day Trade Strategy to find an entry with less risk and high win rate possibility.

QUESTION: How do I maximize the BOOMBOX?

By getting multiple contracts, just like any other investment, if you want to get more returns you need to invest a little more.

QUESTION: Is this strategy 100%?

Nothing is 100% when it comes to the stock market. However, this strategy has given me a consistent 70-80% win rate, with less potential risk if used exactly as I teach it.
QUESTION: Will this strategy work on any stock?

Jay's BoomBox has the potential to work for any stock.

QUESTION: What's the best timeframe for the BOOMBOX Strategy?

One of the greatest aspects of this strategy is that it can be used on ANY timeframe.

QUESTION: Do I need to pay for any indicators to use with the BOOMBOX?

Nope, you will just need Volume / 9EMA and VWAP.
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