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Options Trading Made Easy

Get my free Options 101 Basics course and learn options without wasting hours in front of a screen and hundreds of dollars into junk that doesn't help.

I believe every trader should take advantage of OPTIONS, but they are ideal for:

  • Working professionals who don't have time to day trade
  • Traders who don't meet PDT requirements
  • Investors who are looking for alternate income streams
  • Options Basics Glossary:
  • - Strike price
  • - In the money

    - Out of the money
  • - Expiration date

    - Exercising
  • - Break even price

    - Calls
  • - Puts
  • Understanding the Greeks: 
  • - Delta (Greek Symbol δ)
  • - Gamma (Greek Symbol γ)

    - Vega (no Greek Symbol)
  • - Theta (Greek Symbol θ)

    - Rho (Greek Symbol ρ)
  • What Is An Option?
  • - Real-world example

    - Who trades options how they were meant to be traded?
  • - How should you trade options?

    Options FAQs:
  • - How do I get access to trade options?
  • - When can I sell an option?

    - How do I make money from an option?
  • - What happens at expiration?

    - What if I buy options far from the stock price (out of the money)? 
  • - What if I buy options far from the stock price (in the money)? 

    - When would I buy an option out of the money?

    - What does rolling an option mean?
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